Nutritional therapy platform Mitha Aahara emphasises on optimal health


Offering packages for gut health, PCOS, weight loss, fertility and much more

Mitha Aahara– Eat to live is an online Nutritional Therapy platform launched by Sreemathy Venkatraman, a Clinical Dietitian and Wellness Nutritionist with 22 years of experience. This online programme caters to both corporate wellness programmes and individuals.

The uniqueness of this nutritional therapy is that it is personalized for every individual based on their food habits and routine and not a onetime consultation.

It is more of an “EAT RIGHT” plan for 3 -6 months and not just “Diet” and the mantra truly is “Healing with Food”.

Sreemathy is a successful gut health practitioner and also does hormonal nutritional therapy for reversing PCOS and many other clinical conditions. She also believes that food and mood is intricately connected and the tailored program addresses cravings, anxiety, depression and brain fog.

Her corporate wellness group programmes are also popular with motivation and monitoring as the key for achieving optimal health and prevention of diseases.

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