ITC Master Chef launches 100 mobile carts selling frozen snacks in Delhi-NCR

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The Frozen retail market has been growing at 15 per cent CAGR as consumers seek variety in food that is tasty, convenient to cook and safe and hygienic

ITC Master Chef Frozen Snacks has entered into a strategic partnership with Havmor Ice cream owned by the Lotte group, a South Korean conglomerate.

The partnership is a part of ITC’s new routes-to-market distribution strategy and will enable ITC Master Chef to leverage 100 Havmor Ice cream carts to make available its delectable range of 15 easy-to-cook tasty snacks.

It gives ITC Master Chef an opportunity to enhance availability and accessibility of its range of frozen food offerings during the winter months when the Frozen Foods industry registers a 30 per cent increase in sales vis the summer months.

For Havmor Ice cream, the partnership creates incremental earning opportunity for its channel partners and vendors and helps the company leverage its operating costs during the ice cream low season.

The mobile carts will sell ITC Master Chef frozen snacks ranging from burger patties to fries, pizza pocket to aloo tikki, potato bites to harabhara kebab, mini vada pops to the vegetable patty. The carts will be located at 100 locations across Delhi and NCR.

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