Nirogam to launch ‘Ayurvedically fortified’ food items pan-India


Nirogam Ayurveda, one of India’s oldest Ayurveda e-shops brand based out of Gurugram, delivering Ayurvedic medicines all over India and abroad for more than 20 years, is all set to launch its new food sub-division. During a chat with FFooDS Spectrum, Puneet Aggarwal, Founder, Nirogam reveals it all.



What are the key highlights of the new food sub-division that Nirogam is launching?

The new division that we’re launching is called Mysca. Under this division, we will be launching Ayurvedically fortified food items e.g. cookies, crispies, jam, etc. These are the food items that people are into nowadays, and it makes perfect sense to infuse them with Ayurvedic goodness so that people can improve their health while also enjoying the taste.


What is so unique about the products that you will be launching? How soon will the products hit the market?

We are focusing on adding ‘Swad mein swasthya’ i.e. adding health in the taste. The Ayurvedic food products that we will be launching will have the same taste as conventional food products. This way the mass acceptance will remain intact. However, what will set us apart is that we’re not just offering delicious food items but we’re also offering health on a platter.

The soft launch for the close circle will take place by mid-January and by the second week of February, we will be launching our new line for the general public.


Where will the products be developed and manufactured? How much is being invested?

All the products are being developed by a highly qualified team of Ayurvedic doctors and chefs who have spent years honing their craft. The products are being mass-produced in Delhi-NCR by a reputed bakery.


Are you planning a pan-India launch or for select cities?

Of course, we are. Since our entire range of products will be launched online, it will be available pan India. It means that people from all over the nation will get an opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle while eating the same delicious food items that they’ve been eating all this time.


How much revenue are you expecting from this new division?

We aim to touch 8 digit revenue figures in the first year. The idea behind our new product line is great and we already have a strong network established pan-India. It is why we’re certain that we’ll be able to achieve our target.


What are the other major plans in 2022 for the company?

We plan to be available online and expand ourselves in HORECA with major B2B tie-ups with Hotels, Airlines, etc.


How do you plan to strengthen the concept of Ayurveda globally? What could be the challenges in this process?

Ayurveda is already well-established and accepted globally. And post-COVID-19, the awareness towards Ayurveda has grown multifold. People have become very conscious about what they’re putting inside their bodies and they are looking for ways to strengthen the immune system. With our new line of food items, we’re giving them an option to eat food that’s delicious but at the same time, is also healthy. With Mysca, we aim to make Ayurveda more acceptable as we add values of Ayurveda in the existing flavors which are acceptable at the mass level.

Oftentimes, perception of Ayurveda as a medical science hampers mass acceptance but that is what exactly we are addressing by adding ‘Swad mein swasthya’ and not vice versa.


Dr Manbeena Chawla


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