The Man Company forays into wellness category with vitamin boosters


Launches MinStrips, innovative, convenient and rapidly dissolving tongue strips to enable a better lifestyle for men

Gurugram-based startup The Man Company has forayed into the wellness segment. A first in the men’s wellness category, the brand has launched a groundbreaking sub-brand, MINS, under which they are bringing an ingenious product called MinStrips.

MINS, a set of rapidly dissolvable tongue strips, focuses on uplifting the fast-paced lifestyle of modern-day gentlemen from all walks of life.  

MinStrips contain ingredients like Ashwagandha, beneficial for mental and sexual well-being, Holy Basil which helps reduce anxiety and stress, Passion Flower to promote calming effects, Lemon Balm (melatonin) to take the edge off irregular sleep cycle, and Zembrin to elevate mood and enhance focus abilities.

The strips are lab-tested & are 100% natural, vegan sugar and chemical-free with zero side effects and non-addictive aftermath. In fact, as compared to gummies, capsules and tablets, MINS have 80% more active ingredients. It also has high absorption rate, is more accurate and gives a quick action attribute– giving it an edge above contemporaries. 

Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company, said, “While we are already offering numerous essential products that focus on men’s external grooming factors with some portions of internal wellness, our latest invention MINS, solely works on boosting the Vitamin factor.”

The Man Company is eying a revenue of Rs 100 crore from the new category in two years.

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