Zeus Hygia Life Sciences develops muscle pain relieving ingredient

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Gremin has been backed with multiple scientific studies and publications

Hyderabad-based startup Zeus Hygia Life Sciences has developed a proprietary ingredient Gremin containing synergistic plant based antioxidants infused into a matrix system; proven with multiple therapeutic benefits.

Gremin, a US patent pending ingredient has been clinically studied for its muscle pain relieving benefits in addition to its effectiveness in muscle protection and alleviating muscle spasms.

Supplements with Gremin may help continue regular exercise, walking and fitness regime which is important to stay active across the age groups. Gremin has been backed with multiple scientific studies and publications.

Over the next few decades, the percentage of aged population across the globe are going to grow exponentially, so does the occurrence of aging-related morbidities. Aging is not only associated with a loss of bone density and strength but is also associated with a reduction in muscle mass and strength.

Skeletal muscles comprise approximately 40% of the body, support the skeleton, and are critical for maintaining biological homeostasis. The gradual loss of skeletal muscle mass, muscle strength, and/or muscle function affects older adults, and is a particular concern for obese older adults.

Zeus Hygia is focused on developing differentiated products envisioned on the concept of “efficacy matters”; offer multiple clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients for domestic as well as global markets.


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