Vestige launches ‘Her Own Capsules’ for women as daily supplement


These capsules are recommended for women who need nutritional supplementation, daily vitality, high energy, and hormonal support

New delhi-based Vestige Marketing has announced the launch of Vestige Her Own Capsules, a daily health supplement, to fulfil the nutritional requirement of women. 
The multiple benefits of this nutritional supplement include enhancement of vitality, daily wellbeing, prevention of fatigue, relief from tiredness and irritation, reduction in mood swings and anxiety, managing PMS as well as reduction of hot flashes and night sweat. This is the one stop solution for enhancing the daily health and wellbeing of today’s women.
Vestige has blended 36 important ingredients for a woman’s health, which has a mix of natural extracts, amino acids, multivitamins and minerals. It contains a significant amount of Evening Primrose Oil and Ginkgo Biloba which are missing in many over the counter brands.
Priced at Rs 460, Vestige Her Own Capsules is available for Vestige distributors online and at offline locations.

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