CP Kelco launches new ingredient solutions for plant-based meat alternatives

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Nature-based offerings meet formulators’ demands for improved taste, texture and a cleaner label

US-based CP Kelco has announced a new portfolio of offerings to support product development in the dynamic, fast-growing market of plant-based meat alternatives.

The new range of solutions includes nature-based, cleaner label-friendly ingredient options for formulating plant-based burger and sausage alternatives and helping deliver a meat-like eating experience.

KELCOGEL® MA-60 Gellan Gum acts as an alternative to methylcellulose. Gellan gum, made by fermentation, is already considered a go-to functional ingredient for solving plant-based protein challenges and is widely used in plant-based, dairy alternative beverages.

For extra juiciness, GENU® Pectin MA-50 can be used in combination with KELCOGEL® MA-60 Gellan Gum or another gelling agent.

GENU® Texturizer MA-1 is a multifunctional solution which provides juicy texture as well as both hot and cold bite, enabling a more robust formulation and a meat-like eating experience. 

NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber boost is a clean label-friendly fiber ingredient that enables starch replacement in plant-based meat alternatives. Made from sustainably sourced citrus peel, a byproduct of the juice industry, it stabilizes emulsions and provides water-holding capacity which increases cooking yield and juiciness.  

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