Farm to Plate collaborates with Esearass to enhance seafood quality

image credit- Farm to Plate

Partnership will provide global consumers with greater food traceability and assured quality in seafood industry

Farm to Plate, a blockchain-based SaaS solution for the food industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Esearass, a leading provider of seafood, across the Indian market, to enable sustainable underwater ecosystems, financial emancipation and enhanced customer satisfaction using blockchain technology.

By 2030, the world’s population will require 232 million metric tons (MT) of seafood, around 62 million MT more than the planet is expected to produce unless bold steps are taken, according to international research organization WorldFish Center.

The partnership also seeks to establish a seafood stock exchange where local and foreign investors can invest capital for these farmers to build better facilities and produce higher quality seafood. The company is currently investigating AI-based options to track the freshness-index of seafood, so implementing blockchain technology is perhaps the logical step forward.

“Clear visibility of demand ensures that suppliers can know when and how much to procure, enabling a near real-time seafood supply chain and providing consumers with fresh stock when they need it. Throw in micro tipping into the mix and you get a nexus between consumers and fishermen like never before,” shares Saptarshi Choudhury, Director of Emerging Technology at Farm to Plate.

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