FSSAI to review license of packaged drinking water

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To ensure that quality and hygiene parameters are followed

The food regulators have asked the Food Commissioners of States and Union Territories to review the licenses of packaged drinking water bottles. The complaints concerning the packaged water and mineral water sold are mounting. Also, the officials have recommended inspecting the certifications to ensure the quality and hygiene parameters are followed. 

Many times, the Food Business Operators play a trick. They apply for the FSSAI license, but don’t apply for BIS certification. Once they apply for the FSSAI license, they write to acquire BIS certification. With assurances, the FBO might have applied for both the certificates, they are provided with the same and this creates a lot of problems. 

The inconvenience has increased due to these issues and hence, officials now are inspecting the businesses for the same. Further, it is recommended that the license is granted to manufacturers of packaged drinking water and those are to be verified.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has also received complaints concerning the misuse of the term ORS and therefore new directions for the same have been introduced. 

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs, said “BIS certification is mandatory for the Food Business Operators who serve the packaged water for drinking purpose. Some limited people have acquired BIS certification post conducting water analysis. Water analysis allows to ensure the water is suitable for consumption purposes or not. In case it lacks any minerals or contains any contaminants further steps are recommended. Serving the water without conducting the water analysis hampers the health of consumers as well as affects the brand’s reputation. Though the licenses have been issued, the labelling defects can be improved post conducting reviews. Additionally, the use of BIS certification without conducting any tests misleads the consumers with the information on the labelling.” 


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