Korea-based GOPIZZA announces expansion plans in India

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The GOVEN, a patented oven, at every outlet bakes six single serving pizzas to perfection in three minutes

Korea-headquartered pizza brand GOPIZZA has recently opened its 15th outlet in HSR Layout, Bengaluru and has announced massive expansion plans in the Indian market.

GOPIZZA, is known for its one-person, oval shape, fire baked pizza with quick serving speed and affordable price. The brand which opened its first outlet in India in Bengaluru in 2019 aims to expand to 500 outlets by the end of 2025.

At a GOPIZZA outlet, every step of ‘pizza making’ is redesigned to enable a one-manned operation in a small kitchen. The GOVEN is a patented oven that bakes six single serving pizzas to perfection in three minutes. This oven improves efficiency and allows employees to spend time on less tedious work. The ’GOBOT’ is a cooperative robot that cuts pizza, sprinkles the proper sauce, and even manages it so that it doesn’t cool down, and ’AI Smart Topping Table’ tracks and monitors the toppings on a pizza real time through AI technology developed in-house. This ensures the same quality and service to customers around the world.

The Korean brand, with its unique take on pizza, now aims to make people consider it a single-serving dish, with a goal to expand to more than 300 locations in the next 2 years

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