IIT-K to revolutionise water purification process with new patent win

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The device is able to produce inorganic contaminant-free water at a cost as low as 2 Rs/litre and with zero maintenance cost

In a path-breaking step towards water purification and water quality monitoring, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA have been granted a joint Indian patent for a novel water purification device. The invention titled “A Vessel and A Method for Purifying Water and Monitoring Quality of Water” is expected to be a quite cost-effective apparatus to check water quality. 

The purification vessel contains a regenerable sorbent material capable of binding the impurities and preserving it in a moist or dry format, thus producing inorganic contaminant-free water at a cost as low as 2 Rs/litre. It can be procured without power and it does not leave any residual wastewater leading to zero maintenance expenses. The novelty of the device lies in its capability for both purification and measurement by a single channel, which no other system provides.

Additional application areas beyond drinking water include food and beverage industry, wastewater reuse, batch generation of deionized water and agricultural water monitoring. Furthermore, the vessel could be used in monitoring and purification of other liquids for human consumption, such as dairy products, soft drinks, or other ingestible liquids.

Image credit- shutterstock

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