GOOD Meat & ADM join hands to accelerate cultivated meat production

First-of-its-kind partnership highlights how startups can work with established industry leaders to feed the world

US-based Eat Just, Inc., a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology on a mission to create healthier, more sustainable foods, has announced that its GOOD Meat division has entered into a joint development agreement with ADM, an international leader in nutrition that powers many of the world’s top food, beverage, health and wellness brands. This is ADM’s first strategic partnership of its kind in the cultivated meat sector, which analysts predict could become a $25 billion global industry by 2030.

GOOD Meat created the world’s first real, high-quality meat made directly from animal cells that has been approved for commercial sale, and the company is accelerating research and development and increasing production capacity to meet customer demand in Singapore and future markets. 

As part of the agreement, ADM will build upon GOOD Meat’s foundational work to optimise the nutrients needed to enable the growth of the cells. In the same way a chicken or a cow absorbs amino acids, vitamins, and fat through consuming soy and corn, GOOD Meat’s cells require an optimal growth medium for quality, cost and volume.

The companies will also collaborate on product development projects for GOOD Meat’s pioneering cultivated meat products, starting with chicken. ADM’s breadth, depth, and insights in food formulation will be leveraged to advance the flavour, texture and other attributes of GOOD Meat’s pipeline of cultivated meat products.

Image credit- Eat Just, Inc

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