Sharp unveils water purifier with unique disruptor technology in India

Equipped with 6-stage advanced filtration process and self-blocking filter mechanism to deliver the highest quality of drinking water

SHARP, a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of SHARP Corporation, Japan, known worldwide for its unique technology products and solutions, has launched its newly designed water purifier WJ-R515V-H for the Indian market.

The new smart and intelligent water purifier from Sharp uses a powerful and durable 6 stage filtration process and is designed to purify water with variety of impurities and sources. With its unique AF Disruptor Technology, the purifier ensures the highest standard of purification, consistently providing pure, healthy and safe drinking water. 
Sharp offers high-grade filtration systems for superior quality and one-of-a-kind purification that removes most impurities, including large and small particles, bacteria, microbes, chemicals, cysts and toxins, and adds to the taste of the water. Moreover, the filters get automatically blocked to indicate the need for replacement, ensuring the water it releases are always pure.
This newly launched water purifier from Sharp has been priced at Rs 35,500. The product will be marketed and sold in India exclusively through the Direct Selling Network of Vestige Marketing Private Limited, a leader in Direct Selling spaces.

Image credit- Sharp

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