SIG India announces wide range of sustainable and recyclable paper straws

In three utilitarian formats to reduce plastic waste

SIG has announced the launch of a wide range of recyclable paper straws with a variety of dimensions, shapes, and utilities. As a potential solution to the massive environmental damage caused by plastic straws, and in line with the plastic ban in India, SIG’s paper straws offer the best biodegradable non-plastic alternative, focused on both functionality and sustainability. 

SIG’s paper straws are made using paper obtained from FSC-certified sources (licence code: FSC C020428), similar to its forest-based cartons, which are also made using renewable paperboard. The wide range of straws include those in standard straight I-shapes and U-shapes, as well as those in a novel and innovative telescopic format, to address all the different needs and preferences of both brands and consumers.

The straws can be used with all SIG carton packs that have a straw hole, but they are usually teamed up with small-sized packs to make consumption easier. Among these, the combiblocXSlim cartons also happen to be SIG’s most popular pack in India.

Vandana Tandan, Country Manager, SIG India said “In recent years, India’s plastic waste output has exploded, with the country producing as much as 34 lakh tonnes of plastic waste in 2019-20! A significant part of this waste is caused by plastic straws, which clog up drainage systems, pollute water bodies, and cause irreparable, and even fatal damage to aquatic life. In line with this, India has announced a ban on the manufacture, sale, and use of several single-use plastic products, including plates, cups, straws, trays, and polystyrene, from July 1, 2022. This makes SIG’s paper straws a great alternative, with the added benefit of convenience for both brands and consumers, in line with our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.”

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