Roquette launches organic range of texturized pea and fava proteins

To address a global challenge: better food for a healthier planet

French firm Roquette has announced the launch of its new NUTRALYS range of organic textured proteins from pea and fava for European markets. This launch enhances Roquette’s strong position on the overall protein market as a key leader for plant-based solutions and supports the company’s effort to be the best partner for customers wishing to develop new and delicious plant-based foods.

The 11 grades of textured proteins offer a wide panel of shapes and textures with a neutral taste and clean label, allowing a variety of meals in meat & fish alternatives, from salad topping to plant-based bacon. This new range is perfectly adapted to every local cuisine: plant-based bolognese, curry dishes, kebab and others. Textured vegetable proteins broaden the range of possibilities for daily diets and allow for significant creativity.

Fava and pea proteins are more and more popular with consumers for their sustainability and their benefits for health. With this new offer, Roquette encourages creativity and new gastronomic experience while being organic. As a matter of fact, organic consumption has become a global trend, the 3rd largest health claim according to an Innova survey. Roquette believes that the current food revolution needs appealing and tasty products to make plant-based alternatives a reality on consumers’ plates. To accelerate this trend, the new NUTRALYS range offers the possibility to develop both tasty and organic plant-based gastronomy.

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