Provilac introduces lactose-free cow milk in India

Portfolio contains A2 milk, homogenized milk, buffalo milk, lactose-free milk, and soon-to-be-launched sugar-free milk

Pune-based Provilac Dairy Farms has announced the launch of lactose-free cow milk. Currently, standing at an annual turnover of Rs 50 Cr., the angel-funded startup is planning to massively expand its milk offering. With this launch, Provilac is looking to capture a 10-20 percent market share of the lactose-free milk industry, estimated to be around 350-400 Cr., in the next 2-3 years.

Lactose-free milk is a huge addition to the company’s already existing portfolio of milk and its byproducts. Provilac is already serving 20,000 households in Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The company, being a completely tech-enabled startup, is revolutionizing the dairy industry with its state of the art tech platform, its cold supply chain that helps manage the integrity of milk, and the state-of-the-art farms.

Siddharth Runwal, CEO of Provilac, said, “Our focus has always been on innovating and coming up with specialized milks, with all its natural goodness, readily available for the ever-changing customer need. And, the introduction of our lactose-free milk is a testimony to that.”

In recent years, lactose, a form of sugar excessively found in cow milk, intolerance and its implications for the human body have emerged as a noticeable area of concern. To promote nutrition and sustenance, Provilac has created a lactose-free variant of cow milk that can be enjoyed by all, especially those with a sensitive digestive system. By adding a catalytic enzyme named ‘lactase’, which breaks down lactose into glucose, the team of experts at Provilac was able to make the cow milk lactose free without jeopardizing the integrity of the product.

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