New online shop for Japan’s Sushi-grade fishes in India

In addition to Sushi, Japanese food like Yakitori, Ramen noodles have become popular in India

New Delhi-based startup Daily Need Exim has started an online shop ‘MAIN’ that is specialising in Japanese ingredients such as sushi-grade fishes ‘Bluefin Tuna’, ‘Yellowtail’ etc. which are imported from Japan every month and the essential seasonings for Japanese cuisine. It is the first online shop which sells Japan’s sushi-grade fishes to individuals in India.

The sushi-grade fishes selling at MAIN are imported from Japan after quick freezing in order to maintain the quality. And they will be delivered to customers home in fence condition that can be eaten simply just by thawing and slicing.

In addition to the fish, MAIN sell Miso, Tofu, Natto and more Japanese soybean products and Edamame, which are very popular among health conscious people and vegetarians.

At present, MAIN has 4 branches in India i.e Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, also, from these places delivery can be done to the areas nearby (Pune, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Hyderabad). It is planning to launch Kolkata branch within this year.

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