Brabender expands range of applications for ViscoQuick

New measuring paddles and optimised software enable determination of absolute viscosity

German firm Brabender has over 80 years of experience in the field of viscosity. One of the latest applications with the universal viscometer ViscoQuick is the measurement of rheological properties of puddings made from plant-based drinks by analyzing the influence of vegan drinks on the properties of starch in puddings. After the 2018 product launch, the ViscoQuick has proven itself predominantly for starch — based applications, but also for the analysis of liquids, slurries, creams, sauces and pastes under variable shear and temperature conditions.

Now the company has developed the two new paddles C45 and C34 for the ViscoQuick, which can be used to measure the torque and viscosity of liquids in the standard physical units centipoise (cP) and millipascalsecond (mPas).

“Previously, our standard paddle (M-paddle) could only provide a new correlation or estimate to mPas, which has a uncertainty”, explains Dr. Matthias Mayser, Head of Application Lab Food & Feed at Brabender. The new paddles generate a laminar flow, so unlike the standard paddle, they are not suitable for measuring starch or suspensions, but for homogeneous liquids and mixtures.

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