Experts predict rise in demand for Gourmet Indian origin artisanal coffee/tea brands

The pandemic prompted a rise in the making and consumption of home fermented beverages to build on one’s holistic health and detox naturally

According to Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022, people have become much more conscious of their drinking and eating habits and want to know the health and value attached to the beverage they consume.

The report has revealed that 52.4% panel predict a rise in demand for Gourmet Indian origin artisanal coffee/tea brands while 47.7% panel expect a rise in cold brew tea and coffee options.

52.4% panel feel Indian ingredient infused & flavoured alcoholic drinks will attract a lot of interest as will Indian made spirits, and 38.5% food experts expect immunity & functional health-boosting healthy beverages will see a rise in demand.

Adding on, 49.2% industry experts feel that mixers for home bartending will increase in India; 47.6% culinary experts expect to see a rise in homemade fermented drinks; and 47.6% beverage experts predict a rise in demand for Indian made spirits.

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Curating Editor of the Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022 said, “In 2021, beverages were brought into consumers’ homes through solutions that put beverage experiences at the fingertips. In addition, consumers, with more time and disposable income, are engaging in hobbies related to their own preferences in beverages. It was predicted by our panel that in-home beverages will see more exploration in 2022.”

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