Bluu Seafood first to produce cultivated fish in Europe

Ready to enter regulatory approval process in Asia, US, UK, and the EU

Bluu Seafood, leading European Foodtech startup to produce cultivated fish and seafood, has presented the first market-ready products made from cultivated fish cells. Their fish fingers and fish balls contain cultivated fish cells as the main ingredient and have been enriched with plant proteins.

The products have reached market readiness and will soon enter the regulatory approval process. Bluu Seafood targets initial approval and market launch in Singapore by the end of 2023, as the regulatory process there is already well-defined. The company will also apply for approval in the US, the UK, and the EU.

In addition to fish balls and fish fingers, Bluu Seafood has also developed first prototypes of complex products such as fillets and sashimi. The company’s products are made using animal serum-free growth media and are based on proprietary, non-GMO trout and salmon cell lines.

image credit- prnewswire

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