Rolling Pastures introduces one-of-a-kind beverage packed with essential nutrients

Nourishing the world through technology: Organic Micro Tea

Rolling Pastures brings micro tea into the busy lives of consumers at Singapore, in a form of nutrient-dense beverage concentrates. The micro tea packs will also help to improve mental health.

Originally developed for people with special diets, Micro Tea is a concentrated nutrient dense beverage that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the body needs to maintain a balanced healthy state. Each micro tea blend is packed and preserved with nutrient extracts, flavours and scents in microcapsules which are formulated within the core composition of the capsule.

Serving a new generation of consumers, Rolling Pastures Micro Teas, Rolling Pastures Micro Teas are produced with sustainability in mind. The process involves simple, non-heating and non-diluted extrusion techniques, retaining the most important aspects of vitamins and nutrients without sacrificing sensitive vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, D and K through oxidative stresses produced by overheating. This greatly reduces wastes while still preserving the most essential ingredients to be densely packed into microcapsules, which are also biodegradable.

Rolling Pastures manufacturing processes applies green environmental measures from pre-production to consumers to reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, they use only sustainably and responsibly sourced raw ingredients and leverage on AI as a digital transformation driver for manufacturing and automation—future eco-friendly green building establishment.

image credit- Media-Outreach

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