Kapiva reports alarming increase in digestion issues due to irregular eating habits

24% of young Indians reveal acidity gets the best of them

Bengaluru-based ayurvedic nutrition startup Kapiva has released insightful statistics about the digestion patterns of Millennials and Gen-Z. The insights revealed that with the fast-paced lifestyle, digestion issues are becoming prevalent in the younger generation. 

As per insights, the alarming increase in digestion concerns is caused due to irregular eating habits and consumption of unhealthy/junk food. It also divulged that one-third of people face digestion issues because of increased anxiety and stress levels. In fact, at a time, when working from home has become a norm and everything is available at the touch of a button, lack of physical activity is becoming a common cause of digestive problems (21%). 

Even though these concerns are becoming increasingly common, statistics revealed that 61% of people have never consulted a doctor to solve these issues. In fact, 42% of people have never taken antibiotics for such concerns.

On the other hand, Ayurveda and home remedies are becoming increasingly popular. 53% of people religiously believe that these methods help them with indigestion and related concerns.  

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