54.1% food experts see mithai with healthier claims to have higher demand: Godrej report

Consumers still seek comfort in sweets while worrying about their health and well-being

Godrej Food Trend Report 2022 identifies some interesting insights and trends surrounding mithai, noting the growing interest and pride in the regional sweet offerings over the past two years.

After reinventing mithai cuisine, the New Age version of mithai has gained attention, such as Kaapi Pak (coffee-infused Mysore Pak), rasmalai-stuffed in Ghevar tart with saffron-flavoured cream. The driving force behind these new-age mitaiwalas is the goal to revive the passion for traditional sweets and add Indian mithai to the global and innovative dessert menu. As interest grows, Mithai strengthens its identity across the country, as a result of cross-cultural exchanges, seeking to curate a unique combination of locally sourced ingredients, culinary ingenuity, sophisticated technique, and subtle artistry.

Some key findings that have emerged for 2022 are:

·        Sweets in Controlled Portions – 57.4% food experts see people opting for bite-sized mithais

·        Gourmet Mithai – 50% of expert panel believes that gourmet mithai is a sweet trend that will only grow. With consumers preferring them for celebratory occasions and festivals

·        Healthier Claims –  54.1% food experts see mithai with healthier claims will have higher demand amongst people

·        Pride in Traditional and Regional Sweets – 42.6% of expert panel sees a growing sense of pride in homemade traditional, regional Indian sweets and mithais

·        Dining Out – 60% experts foresee mithai and desserts with healthier claims will prevail while eating out

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