Nutra Biotics unveils novel nutraceutical product for lowering sugar

DIVITIZ can safely help those that are borderline diabetics and type 2 diabetics

Hyderabad-based nutraceutical company Nutra Biotics has launched a novel vitamin combination-based product called DIVITIZ for lowering sugar levels in the blood and able to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics.

The patent pending product was researched and developed by RPK Pharma Inc, a US-based company and is being distributed in India by Nutra Biotics – For Better Health.

RPK Pharma performed extensive research to select the components of DIVITIZ, which provide synergy to produce maximal sugar lowering. The product focuses on insulin function, better energy production by muscle and sugar lowering. The research team which invented the product at RPK Pharma includes senior scientists who have been working in the US and India for over 30 years and have been associated with other successful product launches globally.

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