#startupoftheday 173- Skygain Nutricare Pvt Ltd (Nutriherbs)

Leading Herbal Health and Wellness Supplement Brand Made in India

Inception– 2015

Location– New Delhi

Domain– Healthcare & Wellness

Founder– Sunny Singh

Total team strength– 100

Total funds raised– Self-funded

Investors– NA

Revenue generated since inception– NA

Key Highlights

  • Provides all-natural, plant-based supplements
  • Portfolio includes over 50 herbal-based supplements
  • R&D team has gone as far as the Himalayan range to source natural ingredients
  • Recently launched 3 products – Nutriherbs Brain Tea, Nutriherbs Brain Coffee and Nutriherbs Glow Builder
  • Tied up with Hamdard
  • Focused on expanding services and developing new products

Founder Speaks

“As of now, it’s just a small niche market but with the increase in population and rise of wellness trends, I foresee this section growing significantly.

The overall health industry has been on an upwards trajectory for years now so why should nutrition be any different? With more people focusing their attention on providing themselves with better living conditions through sustainable practices there will always need to arise new innovations that can meet those demands while also offering solutions against diverse diseases which is where our nutraceuticals come into play.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia and this means that there will be more people with an increasing interest in health care. This also applies to nutritional products such as nutraceuticals, which can help promote wellness among these new generations by ensuring they’re getting all their nutrients from supplements instead of food sources today.”

Sunny Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Nutriherbs, New Delhi

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