Bayer launches Supradyn Immuno+, unique formulation to help boost immunity

A unique blend of nature and science offers immunity-building properties that helps enhance one’s daily and long-term immunity needs

The Consumer Health division of Bayer has announced the launch of Supradyn Immuno+, their new daily immunity booster, extending the portfolio of Supradyn – their known multivitamin supplement brand.

A one-stop solution, Supradyn Immuno+ is a complete formula that combines the power of timeless natural ingredients known to Indians like Tulsi (holy basil) and Turmeric with science-based nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc that contribute up to 100% immunity needs.

According to the Supradyn Nutrition Survey’ last year, an overwhelming 85% of doctors and nutritionists from urban India believe that an average Indian daily diet provides only upto 70% key nutrients. These micronutrient deficiencies can have a direct link contributing to compromised immunity and viral respiratory infections. Scientific evidence also suggests that zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D are few of the most important micronutrients to help boost one’s immunity.

Speaking about the launch, Sandeep Verma, Country Head, India, Bayer Consumer Health Division said, “With the growing nutrition deficiencies in both men and women, we understand the importance of not only educating them but also supporting them in achieving up to 100% key nutrients for daily immunity with the help of Supradyn Immuno+ supplements.”

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