Mankind Pharma launches lemon flavoured version of multivitamin tablet HealthOK

New packaging is aimed at elevating the overall health benefit of the supplement

HealthOK, a vegetarian multivitamin tablet from the house of Mankind Pharma, has refreshed its offering to provide a differentiated experience by repackaging the whole product.

The new pack of HealthOK tablet will now come in a new pack of 10 tablets pack at a new price point of Rs 110 by replacing the earlier packaging of 15 tablets for Rs 150. The company has also launched a pack of 30 tablets, which will be available for Rs 300.

The objective behind the product revamp is to provide a better experience for consumers. Health supplements tablets/capsules, may at times, leave a bitter taste in the mouth which is unpleasant for the consumers. That’s why HealthOK has launched lemon-flavoured tablets with the aim to provide its consumers with a pleasant taste experience. Furthermore, the tablet shape has been changed to an oval shape & reduced size so that it is easy to swallow for consumers.  

HealthOK tablets have a combination of two energy boosters, Taurine and Ginseng, specially formulated for men, to give them 24-hour active energy. The tablets contain amino acids which help in better absorption of micro-nutrients. 

Speaking on the development, Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing- Mankind Pharma, said, “Currently, solid vitamins minerals supplement is a whopping Rs 9,000 crore market approximately as per market estimates & will continue to grow, given the current lifestyle of people which is very hectic where they may be unable to get adequate nutrition, may have poor eating habits, and may experience tiredness and fatigue   There is a need to supplement body’s nutritional requirements effectively among Indian consumers.” 

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