Gynoveda’s ayurvedic supplement shows efficacy in infertility management

85.23% women achieve ovulation in 3 months as per the clinical study

Mumbai-based startup Gynoveda has taken a significant stride for women dealing with infertility issues. Its Ayurvedic supplement, recognised by European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, was found to be effective in assisting timely ovulation and thus can be useful in the management of infertility associated with gynaecological disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), irregular periods etc.

Conducted at Dhanwantari Ayurveda Centre, Pallakad, Kerala, and amongst 149 participants (age group – 25-35 years) across India, the study reported 85.23% women achieving ovulation on time after consuming the Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic supplement (within 3 months). Moreover, no adverse drug reaction was observed offering women an opportunity to experience a safe motherhood.

The ayurvedic formulation by Gynoveda contains ingredients like Shivlingi, Putraveevak, Aloe vera along with 15+ herbs. These ingredients have been extensively studied for their effect on ovulation and menstruation. These ingredients stimulate the ovaries to bring about ovulation, help to reduce the inflammation, provide strength to the uterus and also regulate the flow of menstruation. The combined effect of these thus help in the management of infertility and other conditions associated with infertility like PCOS etc.  

The company raised $10 million in March 2023 in Series A funding led by India Alternatives Fund. Since then its e-commerce platform is growing rapidly at 25% month-on-month and it’s on track to cross Rs 100 crore annual recurring revenue (ARR) in the current financial year.

Image caption- L-R- Aarti Patil, Vishal Gupta and Rachana Gupta

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