Goodveda Health Labs enters Indian mkt with diabetes and obesity supplements

Also launches health and wellness programs 

Delhi-based Goodveda Health Lab, an innovative Health Tech Startup has officially entered the Indian market with its health and wellness programs & supplement offerings aimed at combating the escalating concerns of diabetes and obesity. With India witnessing an alarming surge in these chronic conditions, Goodveda’s entry promises a fresh approach to preventive healthcare.

The prevalence of diabetes in India is a pressing health issue, with over 77 million adults affected, according to recent data. Additionally, approximately 135 million Indians are grappling with obesity, a condition that has reached alarming levels in recent years.

Goodveda’s market entry introduces a range of health and wellness programs, strategically designed to address diabetes and obesity challenges. These programs are complemented by customized programs for diabetes remission and obesity reversal, seamlessly blending modern scientific advancements with age-old Ayurvedic principles.

Mr Abhishek Gaggneja, Founder and CEO of Goodveda Health Labs Pvt Ltd, highlights the company’s dedication to holistic health. “Our inception was fueled by the mission of mitigating the burden of chronic diseases,” he commented. “By synergizing modern scientific advancements with the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda, our programs offer a transformative approach.”

Additionally, Goodveda envisions introducing programs targeting Cardiac Health and Women’s Wellness, underscoring its commitment to comprehensive health interventions.

Central to Goodveda’s innovation is the integration of cutting-edge research and traditional Ayurvedic practices. These programs, founded on evidence-based methodologies, present a harmonious union of modernity and tradition, offering individuals a comprehensive path toward managing their health.

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