Trimacare, PlusPlus Lifesciences to launch 3-stage Multi-Micronutrient pregnancy supplement

Developed by Surbhi Gupta and Sameer Agarwal at PlusPlus Lifesciences, it is a 3- stage pregnancy supplement for each trimester of pregnancy

Trimacare, a 3-stage Multi-Micronutrient (MMN) based pregnancy supplement developed by PlusPlus Lifesciences, will be launched all over India soon. Surbhi Gupta and Sameer Agarwal of PlusPlus Lifesciences received a patent for the pregnancy supplement earlier this year, which has paved the way for its nationwide launch and distribution. Already widely available in North India, Trimacare will gradually make its presence in hospitals, fertility and childcare centres across the country.

Trimacare is a pregnancy supplement based on the MMN model of medication. This model combines traditional nutrients such as Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium with other essential vitamins and minerals like Iodine, Zinc, Omega-3, fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, and D, among others, that are necessary for the health of pregnant women throughout all trimesters and the child’s prenatal and long-term health.

The MMN model of medication helps promote maternal health, improve birth weight and reduce the risk of preterm birth by providing essential nutrients to the body. MMN pregnancy supplements are also effective in improving childhood survival, growth, body composition, blood pressure, and respiratory and cognitive outcomes. Moreover, MMN prescriptions are considered more effective against medical anaemia compared to conventional IFC prescriptions.

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