Consumer Affairs ministry notifies companies to declare manufacturing date & USP


The consumer affairs ministry has declared the company to comply with the notification from the
date of declaration

A notification has come from the Consumer Affairs Ministry which says that 1st January 2024 has been
declared as the deadline to comply with the printing of unit sale price (USP) and also the manufacturing date on packaged food labels.
The notification explains how to declare USP on the pack. The notification further read that the unit
sale price shall be declared on the principal display panel of the pre-packaged commodity in an
unambiguous, easily identifiable and legible manner to the consumer. The unit sale price in
rupees rounded off to the nearest two decimal places, shall be declared on every pre-packaged
commodities in the following manner per gram where the net quantity is less than one kilogram and per
kilogram where the net quantity is more than one kilogram, per centimetre where the net length is less than
one metre and per metre where net length is more than one metre, per millilitre where net volume is
less than one litre and per litre where net volume is more than one litre and per number or unit if any
item is sold by number or unit.
The notification also mentions that the Font size of the unit sale price (USP) declaration should be at least
50 per cent of the font size of the MRP declaration. Declaration of USP is not required for the pre-
packaged commodities in which the retail sale price is equal to the unit sale price.

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