PLEZi Nutrition launches PLEZi FiZZ fruit drink

PLEZi FiZZ will launch in three flavours: cherry limeade, lemon-lime squeeze, and strawberry lemonade

PLEZi Nutrition, the Public Benefit Company co-founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama announced at Expo West the launch of PLEZi FiZZ. A carbonated fruit drink that will be available this spring in three new flavours, PLEZi FiZZ builds upon the company’s inaugural product, PLEZi, and aims to reach an older demographic of tweens and teens.

PLEZi Nutrition was created to give parents a helping hand by offering healthier, great-tasting products that parents can feel good about giving their kids and – most importantly – that kids want. Kids are consuming far too much added—on average, 53 pounds of added sugar per year. Sugar-sweetened beverages, also referred to as sugary drinks, are the leading source of added sugars for kids, which is why PLEZi Nutrition chose to start with a focus on beverages. The company offers products that ace the taste test but with lower sugar content and sweetness to help adjust kids’ palates to crave less sweetness overall. In addition to reducing sugar and sweetness, they are adding nutrients kids need, all to replace sugary drinks and snacks.

PLEZi FiZZ has 70 per cent less sugar (8g per 8.4oz) than average leading soft drinks (28g per 8.4oz), no added sugar, plus 2g of fibre and nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. PLEZi FiZZ will launch in three flavours: Cherry Limeade, Lemon Lime Squeeze, and Strawberry Lemonade, and will be available for purchase across Amazon and select convenience stores and club stores starting this Spring.

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