“The trajectory for growth in the nutraceutical industry is anticipated to outpace that of pharmaceuticals in India”

Ajit Singh, President, Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)

With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Ajit Singh has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the nutraceutical industry in India. His journey in healthcare began with a fervent commitment to holistic wellness and preventive healthcare solutions. Recognising the immense potential of nutraceuticals in promoting health and longevity, he embarked on a mission to propel the industry forward, advocating for regulatory reforms, fostering industry collaboration, and enhancing consumer awareness. Under his astute leadership, HADSA has emerged as a pivotal force in the nutraceutical landscape, championing industry interests, influencing policy decisions, and driving innovation. In a conversation with NUFFOODS Spectrum, Ajit Singh, President, HADSA gives insights about HADSA’s achievements and the years ahead. Edited Excerpts:

HADSA is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Could you reflect on the challenges faced and achievements made during these two decades?

Certainly. When HADSA was formed, nutraceuticals were relatively unknown in India, with limited manufacturing and imports. Over the years, we’ve encountered challenges in raising awareness, navigating regulatory frameworks, and establishing industry standards. However, through advocacy, collaboration, and education, we’ve witnessed significant growth and acceptance of nutraceuticals in India. Our achievements include fostering industry collaboration, influencing policy decisions, and enhancing consumer confidence in nutraceutical products.

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