LCIF and World Food Program launch joint initiative to support school meals

The grant announced will support school meal programs in four countries: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Ecuador

World Food Program USA and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) announced a $4 million partnership in support of the United Nations World Food Programme’s homegrown school meals program in four countries. With each organisation contributing $2 million to this joint effort, the grant will be a global collaboration, bringing together an international coalition of individuals committed to solving global hunger.

Homegrown school meal programs are a multisectoral game changer that has proven over decades to improve children’s education, health and nutrition. When integrated into the local community, school meals have been shown to benefit the entire community by providing an important safety net and by strengthening food systems and economies. By further integrating with local small-scale farmers, local economies benefit, and a better-designed food system is created that also leads to impacts across gender, climate, and sustainability.

LCIF has a global presence, connecting the Lions’ humanitarian mission of service to partners and allowing them to scale their impact across the world. The grant announced will support school meal programs in four countries: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Ecuador. In taking on this initiative, the Foundation will support a large-scale humanitarian program across three continents that addresses the most urgent unmet need of school-age children, positively impacting the quality of life for entire communities.

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