Kaisha Packaging’s patented Sycure AD bags Red Dot award

India’s patented auto-disable solution for pre-filled syringes was selected under the best medical devices and technology design category in the 2024 edition of the Red Dot awards

The Sycure AD auto-disable solution for pre-filled syringes, patented by Kaisha Packaging of the Dadachanji Group, has won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024 in the medical devices and technology design category. The innovative, lightweight, simple, and cost-effective plastic article Sycure AD is intended for use with pre-filled syringes. Its main purpose is to lock the plunger rod and prevent the syringe from being reused, which ensures highly secure administration of injectables, thus enhancing patient safety.

“This is a great recognition for us and the whole of India in the field of research and innovation at a global level. The product is a brilliant illustration of Kaisha Packaging’s dedication to innovation, dependability, and satisfying the changing demands of the healthcare industry. We take pride in collaborating with customers to improve patient care and pharmaceutical packaging solutions in the country,” Rishad Dadachanji, Managing Director, of the Dadachanji Group of Companies said.

This unique system has a place to get fixed on the barrel securely and also provides extended flanges for a firm grip. The design also maintains the integrity of the pre-filled syringe by preventing accidental removal of the plunger stopper, preventing spillage of the medication.

By preventing patients from receiving an injection with a refilled or counterfeit drug product, Sycure AD ensures optimum safety. Additionally, it prevents the reuse of the same fixed needle for multiple patients, which could lead to contamination.

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