TeaFit launches new product range

TeaFit launches premium beverages featuring saffron instant tea, lemongrass instant tea and matcha latte

TeaFit, known for its high-quality, health-focused beverages, launches its latest premium products: Saffron, Lemongrass, and Matcha. Each of the newly launched beverages has unique features and benefits. TeaFit stands out in the beverage market with its unique Ayurvedic iced teas and zero-sugar instant tea premixes. Prioritising natural ingredients and Ayurvedic formulations, TeaFit ensures each sip contributes to overall well-being, steering clear of artificial flavours and excess sugar. 

Each of the newly launched beverages boasts unique features and benefits, available in a convenient sachet. The Saffron instant tea is made using authentic saffron sourced from Pulwama(J&K), providing a rich, balanced flavour and vibrant colour that sets it apart from other saffron teas on the market. The Lemongrass instant tea beverage offers a refreshing, citrusy taste, perfect for revitalising the senses. The Matcha Latte sourced from Japan made with high-quality matcha, delivers a smooth and earthy flavour, packed with antioxidants and health benefits.

TeaFit’s latest offerings compliment a lineup of sugar-free products. The brand’s Peach Green Tea is a top seller, known for its mild and refreshing taste without added sugar. The Ginger Tea and Cardamom variants in the premixes category continue to perform exceptionally well, with the recently launched Matcha Latte quickly becoming a favourite among customers.

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