Aayush Wellness launches herbal pan masala & gutka

New tobacco & supari-free herbal alternative poised to disrupt the gutka and pan masala market

Aayush Wellness Limited, formerly known as Aayush Food and Herbs Limited, announced the launch of Aayush Tobaccofree Herbal Pan Masala & Gutka, a ground-breaking product designed to revolutionise the chewing habits of India’s 27.49 crore Gutka and Pan Masala consumers. This new affordable Tobacco-free, Supari-free, non-spitting, non-addictive Pan Masala with a familiar smell and taste is introduced to help individuals make better choices without compromising on the cultural and sensory experience traditionally associated with tobacco & pan masala.

At Aayush Wellness, we understand the need for a healthy alternative to help people replace gutka & pan masala consumption. Consumers deserve a choice that promotes wellness without sacrificing enjoyment. Hence, after a detailed study of consumer preference, we have launched this tobacco-free Pan Masala at a competitive price of Rs. 7/- per serving (approx).

Aayush Herbal Pan Masala is a harmonious blend of natural herbs and potent Ayurvedic ingredients renowned for their digestive benefits and aromatic richness. Unlike conventional pan masala, which often contains harmful ingredients such as tobacco, nicotine, supari, etc, Tobacco-free herbal Pan Masala is free from these harmful substances. Our unique formulation includes key beneficial ingredients such as Kaunch Beej, Tamarind, Amla, Turmeric, Melon Seeds, Cardamom, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Menthol and other herbs ensuring a delightful sensory experience along with physiological benefits while upholding cultural traditions.

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