Donkey milk: Ancient elixir gains modern popularity

Hitesh Rathi, Founder of Aadvik Foods

Donkey milk has been consumed for over 10 thousand years, but it has recently gained popularity again due to its various health benefits that go beyond its nutritional value and cosmetic uses. Donkey milk is sold for a high price of Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 per litre, while cow milk is only Rs 65 per litre. The milk is kept refrigerated to maintain its freshness. Donkey milk shares many nutritional similarities with cow’s milk and human breast milk. It contains protein, vitamins – especially vitamin D, and minerals. Hitesh Rathi, Founder of Aadvik Foods, sheds light on the benefits of donkey milk in an exclusive interview with NUFFOODS Spectrum

Donkey milk has been consumed by humans for centuries and has gained attention in recent years. What are the health benefits of donkey milk?

Donkey milk closely resembles human breast milk in terms of composition. It provides vitamins, minerals, and protein. Compared to cow’s milk, it’s lower in fat and higher in vitamin D.

Research suggests that donkey milk can boost immune function.

Donkey milk has anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has anti-microbial properties and is very good for the skin.

Which products can be made from donkey milk, and on which products are Aadvik Foods focusing?

Donkey milk powder, soaps and skin care products are mostly common products from donkey milk; however, people are also making cheese, milk powder capsules, etc., from this milk.

We make donkey milk powder and soaps.

What is the price of donkey milk and its products?

Donkey milk powder is sold at approx Rs. 1300 for 100 gms and soaps at around Rs. 400 per unit.

How is the market for donkey milk and its products in India?

It’s a very niche segment. In our country people are not even aware of camel and goat milk so donkey milk has to wait for some time. 

What challenges are you facing in the donkey milk industry, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Awareness is the key challenge, hopefully directly or partnering with big skin care companies to introduce donkey milk in the cosmetics range can certainly enhance the prospects.

What kind of support do you seek from the government?

Nothing as of now.

What is the future of donkey milk products?

I think it will grow especially in the skin care industry. 

Shraddha Warde

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