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Parekhs of Zandu Pharma to enter nutraceuticals

Gujarat Research Allopathic Foundation (GRAF) Laboratories, company owned by the Parekh family - former promoter of Zandu Pharmaceuticals - is now foraying into nutraceuticals with investment of Rs 150 crore.GRAF is setting up a nutraceutical

Karnataka to set up Nutraceutical Food Park in Mysore

Karnataka, a home for IT and BT industry, will soon be a home for nutraceuticals industry as well in the coming years. The state government has entered into an agreement with Central Food Technological Research

Nutraceuticals provide medical or health benefits

Antioxidant activity in food and nutraceuticals contribute to a reduction in the risk of free radical generation and subsequent damage to human cells and tissues, according to a research study "Measurement of Antioxidant Activity in