Colorcon launches Kollicoat- ready to use coating solution


Colorcon Inc. and BASF announced their cooperation for using immediate release coating polymer Kollicoat IR for Colorcon’s fully formulated ready-to-use coatings.

Colorcon will expand their PVA-based product portfolio by offering customers an alternative efficient and convenient solution for the immediate release coating of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. “With this new ready-to-use coating option formulators can benefit from both the coating performance of Kollicoat IR and Colorcon’s worldwide unique, customized services”, said Daniele Piergentili, Vice President Global Marketing Pharma Ingredients at BASF.

“Kollicoat IR provides Colorcon with the capability to further expand our film coating portfolio, bringing more choice to our customers while providing customized solutions. We are pleased to cooperate with BASF to bring Kollicoat IR to a wider market, combining BASF’s polymer expertise with Colorcon’s knowledge of formulated film coating systems and our global reach,” said Cornelis van den Muyzenberg, VP of Sales and Business Development at Colorcon.

Kollicoat IR, an ethylene glycol and vinyl alcohol graft copolymer, is BASF’s highly versatile and safe-in-use instant release coating polymer. This polymer enables processing at low temperatures and high solids content while delivering appropriate coating results.

Kollicoat is monographed in all major markets, and has furthermore received GRAS status (Generally Regarded as Safe) in the US and the European E-Number (E1209) for application in dietary – nutritional supplements.

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