Ideal Protein launches new approach to maintaining a healthy weight


Ideal Protein, a medical solution protocol based on validated science for safe yet rapid weight loss, announced a new approach to help dieters maintain their weight loss success – the Ideal Lifestyle Approach to Maintenance.

The Ideal Lifestyle Approach is evidence-based, developed according to recent research that shows dieters are successful with long-term weight maintenance for three reasons: they have a plan, they stay connected to their weight-loss coach, and they prioritize their new lifestyle.

The Ideal Lifestyle Approach is a two-tiered approach, with a structured 12 month stabilization period followed by maintenance to sustain the weight loss success. It incorporates a meal replacement for long-term use, a specialized food journal, ongoing scheduled visits with an Ideal Protein coach, and customized lifestyle guidance tools.

Ideal Protein is a scientifically researched four-part weight loss method featuring one-on-one coaching, a balanced lifestyle education, and a diet plan which promotes losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Throughout the weight loss method, dieters are monitored during weekly visits with their coach and have access to educational, inspirational and interactive resources via an online portal, MyIdealProtein.

“The Ideal Protein weight loss method is effective in producing rapid and safe weight loss, and has helped many thousands of dieters reach their weight loss goals,” said Olivier Benloulou, President and CEO of Ideal Protein. “I have long believed that maintenance is the most important achievement for our dieters and for Ideal Protein, and it is also the hardest part. With the Ideal Lifestyle Approach, we are taking a giant step forward in fulfilling our commitment to our dieters: maintaining their weight loss goals.”

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