Nutrela launches Video on Wheels Campaign in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh


Ruchi Soya Industries, a company committed to health and nutrition has through its flagship brand ‘Nutrela’, launched an educative campaign “Video on Wheels”. The campaign which was flagged off on June 29 is an initiative to educate people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar about the health benefits of branded and packaged Nutrela Soya Foods. The campaign will run for a period of one month during which Nutrela will attempt to educate the masses on the ill effects of consuming loose soya.

Through this initiative, Nutrela Mobile Vans will visit major towns across the States of UP and Bihar in an attempt to educate the consumers about the benefits of branded Nutrela Soya and tell them why it is better than loose soya. The brand has also created a three minute short film that will be played in the mobile vans. The film highlights the benefits of eating Nutrela Soya in an interesting way.

The campaign aims to build awareness amongst consumers, which is the only long term sustainable strategy to combat adulteration in the country. The video will urge consumers, especially those who use loose soya to review their consumption patterns. Loose Soya often has risk of contamination by insects / rodents which destroys the nutrients in the foods and causes various illness / diseases.

Nutrela’s advanced technology and stringent packaging process ensures that the nutrition value of the product is uncompromised and also the product is untouched by human hands, which safeguards product quality. Branded Nutrela Soya is more nutritious in terms of protein content and is also of better quality. Nutrela’s soya foods contains all essential amino acids, making it rich in proteins and is 99% fat free & keeps you energetic and active throughout the day.

“Founded over two decades ago, Nutrela is built on foundation of health and nutrition, it is one of India’s favourite and most rejoiced health food brands. Nutrela, a brand that has been promoting health and nutrition takes another step in spreading this message by launching Video on Wheels Campaign. Through this initiative, we want to emphasize on the benefits of branded and packaged Nutrela Soya Foods and fight against contamination” said Nilesh Mazumdar – CEO, Consumer Brands Division of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited.

Launched more than two decades ago, Nutrela has garnered market leadership in various FMCG categories and has carved out an enviable niche for itself, that of being a brand that promises nutrition through innovative product offerings. Nutrela has always been ahead of its times and peers – it launched soya foods at a time when the segment was non-existent. Today Nutrela is a brand synonymous with health and nutrition, and commands a formidable market share as well as substantial brand equity within its segment. Being one of the most preferred brands in the country, Nutrela has always played the role of a torchbearer when it comes to highlighting the health benefits of soya to its loyal customers. Nutrela Soya Food provides more than double the benefits of proteins when compared to other foods such as meat, eggs, wheat and milk thereby making it a perfect solution for health and protein requirements.”

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