The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture is promoting its olives in India with Raphael Nadal


Debuting in consumer print advertising, Olives from Spain and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture are serving up a partnership with world-renowned Spanish tennis player Rafael “Rafa” Nadal. Together they will promote the healthy properties and uses of Spanish olives as snack and key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. The campaign claims Spanish olives as a dose of health and flavour to add to the most traditional Indian cuisine.

Following simple recipes and seasonings with an Indian twist, the campaign is introducing the unique nutritional content of Spanish olives for daily diet. The Olives from Spain campaign aims to win the hearts and souls of India by spreading the word about the qualities of Spanish olives, the pickled fruit at the core of Mediterranean diet.

Raphael Nadal, said “Sportsmen travel a lot. I feel extremely happy when I find Spanish products in the countries I visit. Contributing to their promotion makes me feel proud. We have amazing produce such as Spanish olives and its crucial to foster them so that more and more people can get to know and enjoy their values”. The partnership with Rafa Nadal is a natural fit, emphasizing the quality, excellence, leadership, health and hard work of these two icons “Born in Spain, Admired all over the World”.

The press note reads “Spanish olives invite you to innovate in the kitchen adding an extra shot of health. Expert nutritionists recommend eating at least 7 olives a day for their significant content of vitamin E, calcium, oleic acid while being low in calories. A serving of 7 olives has only 37 calories. In addition, black olives are an important source of iron.”

“Olives from Spain are one of the few food stuffs that meet the four basic flavours: salty, sour, sweet and bitter. Hundreds of dressings and 80 types of stuffing are available in the market. Furthermore, you can customize their taste by following simple recipes of homemade marinades which give that spicy hints, sweet and salted notes or the sour mixture you like in just five minutes. There are as many combinations as the imagination allows” the note explains.

The diversity of presentations makes easy using Spanish olives to prepare many dishes. Sliced or pitted olives are the key ingredient in continental recipes such as pasta and risotto, but also an ace up your sleeve in all kinds of traditional Indian recipes like idli, samosas or as a filling of a delicious naan. The renowned Chef Sabyasachi Gorai put his creativity in the kitchen to the service of Olives from Spain to create fusion recipes that blend the best of Indian cuisine with the pearl of the Mediterranean.

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