DSM Pack-Age opens up new market for natural crust cheese


Producers of specialty cheeses such as Raclette, Comté and Cantal, can benefit from increased shelf life and more flexibility in their logistics. Pack-Age is a moisture-permeable cheese   membrane which can   be used to pack and preserve natural crust cheeses. Compared to traditional paper bags and (micro-perforated) barrier films, the cheese crust quality is maintained for longer, resulting in less cheese waste and creating new exporting opportunities.
The specific permeability   of Package prevents sticky or slimy cheese surfaces, off-flavours and off-taste throughout shelf life.  The crust is one of the main characteristics consumers value in natural crust cheeses and its appearance influences consumer preference. Maintaining crust quality, as well as organoleptic properties, extends the shelf life of these cheeses. With Pack-Age, an extension of 3 to 6 weeks can be achieved depending on the cheese type.
Increased shelf-life opens up markets outside Europe, such as the US, where the demand for these specialty cheeses is rising. Not only companies that are exporting cheese benefit from the extended shelf life and improved crust quality, also retailers can keep the cheese  for longer  on their  supermarket shelves. Further- more, seasonal   cheese   producers (e.g. Raclette cheese producers) benefit as they can add more flexibility in their production because they can keep their cheese for longer on stock.
Pack-Age is a clean-label solution that   improves   crust   quality   and avoids unwanted growth   of   micro-organisms   on the cheese. The moisture-permeability membrane properties limit cheese weight loss during   the maturation process   as well as during stock management and transport, while maintaining organoleptic properties and crust quality.  Pack-Age contributes  to  a more   sustainable   cheese   production in which less cheese  is wasted and specialty cheese becomes  avail- able for more consumers all over the  world.
Pack-Age is a patented technology. Meanwhile, DSM has opened its re- search and technology centre for engineering plastics in India at Ranjangaon, Pune. The new facility will support new product  and  application development and deliver rapid, specific test data for its products, allowing for close collaboration with DSM’s customers.
In the new centre DSM will be able to work closely with customers in sup- porting new product development using a wide variety of equipment for material and application testing, including injection molding, polymer characterisation, physical property testing, and  thermal  analysis. The centre is capable of providing test data for DSM’s wide portfolio of engineering plastics. Additional services include a laboratory scale twin screw extruder for new product development and trial runs. The facility has further scope to grow and add new testing equipment and capabilities as required. 

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