Dabur India launches Real Wellnezz with Jamun juice in Tetra Pak cartons

Dabur Real Wellnezz

Dabur India Limited, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has launched its Réal Wellnezz with Jamun Juice in Tetra Pak paper based cartons recently. Réal Wellnezz Jamun aims at improving the wellness quotient of consumers who seek active lifestyle and are prone to health risks.
Sanjay Singal, marketing head-foods, Dabur India Ltd., said, “Today’s health conscious consumers prefer healthier beverage options. We have been witnessing an increase in consumer demand for a variety of juice flavours including traditional ones such as coconut, Aampanna etc. Real Wellnezz juice is 100% juice content which has the goodness of the fruit and makes it a pure offering in a ready to drink format for consumers who seek active and healthy lifestyle. The modern and convenient Tetra Pak packaging also gives consumers the comfort of enjoying Jamun juice all year round and not just in summers.”
“Jamun is considered to possess many health benefits. With today’s busy and sedentary lifestyle, people are more prone to various health conditions. Jamun contains antioxidants and Vitamin C with anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties. Jamun helps to counter health issues and improves overall digestive system”, said Dr Priyanka Rohtagi, a nutritionist.
As per the press release issued by the brand, Real Jamun juice is 100% natural with no added sugar and preservatives. The beverage is aseptically packaged in 6-layer tamper-evident Tetra Pak packaging, which protects it from oxygen, light and bacterial spoilage and gives it a longer shelf life without the need for preservatives. The sleek package offers convenience, safety, hygiene, easy handling and easy disposal after use. Being paper-based, the packages are 100% recyclable and can be recycled into several useful products such as stationery and furniture.
Kandarp Singh, MD, Tetra Pak South Asia markets, said, “We are happy to build on our partnership with Dabur for its new Wellnezz range. We ensure our packaging solutions offer convenience and a superior drinking experience to modern day consumer who seeks health and convenience at the same time.”

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