New Global Nutrition Report reveals alarming data


According to the new Global Nutrition Report 2017, 51% of Indian women are anaemic. India comes at the bottom of the table with 51% women suffering from anaemia following the first four countries China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia. 


Anemia is a serious condition that can have long-term health impacts for mother and child.  Low awareness, illiteracy can be the reason behind the lack of proper nutrition among Indian women. However, many women in countries with high-income, also suffer from anaemia, the global report suggests. 


614 million women aged 15-49 years were affected by anaemia around the world. 


The Global Nutrition which is an independently researched annual report of the state of the world’s nutrition collected data from 140 countries around the world. In 2016, the report showed that nearly 48% of women in India were anaemic.


Global Nutrition Report indicates three important trends of malnutrition as ’significant burdens’ – childhood stunting, anaemia in women of reproductive age and overweight adult women.


In India, 38% of children under-5 are affected by stunting and 21% of under-5s are defined as ’wasted’ or ’severely wasted’. Children who are too short for their age due to lack of nutrition are stunted.


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