TSSG to collaborate and generate new jobs


Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), a part of Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, will collaborate with agri-food and ICT research institutes, as well as leading Irish and multinational food and ICT companies, through the FutureMilk research centre, funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).


TSSG will be hiring six postdoctoral fellows and 11 PhD students as well as a site manager, with 18 new positions in total.


The FutureMilk principal investigator team is supported by 22 funded investigators, 43 academic collaborators and 46 industry partners. FutureMilk will also be taking on 30 postdoctoral researchers and 54 postgraduate students.


TSSG researchers already have a long history in the field of smart agriculture, working to provide novel ICT solutions to the agricultural sector.


TSSG will aid in the FutureMilk research project by looking at a myriad of innovations, from communication systems created from molecular biology systems that can be synthetically engineered for sensing and communication, all the way to advanced AI algorithms that can monitor animal behaviour.


The FutureMilk centre aims to be an agent of growth for the Irish dairy industry by being a world leader in fundamental and translational research for precision pasture-based dairying.

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