Scientists discover benefits of cardamonin for treating cancer


A group of scientists at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in Kerala and Manipal University in Karnataka have found that cardamonin, a chemical found in cardamom and other edible plants like ginger and peppercorn, is effective in preventing and controlling colorectal cancer in mice.


The researchers conducted studies on mouse induced with colorectal cancer using drugs as well as human cancer cell lines, and have found cardamonin to be effective.


The cardamom chemical was given as a protective agent before the development of cancer as a dietary intervention and also after the animals developed colorectal cancer. In both the situations, it was found to be effective.


The researchers found out that cardamonin modulates certain micro RNAs that collectively regulate the reactive oxygen production. Reactive oxygen when produced lead to cell death. Cardamonin increases their production which results in the death of unwanted cancer cells.


The researchers are now focusing on exploring certain chemically synthesized analogues of cardamonin with increased cytotoxicity.

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