Elanpro promotes refrigerated storage of food waste


Elanpro has launched a range of garbage coolers for the refrigerated storage of food waste. It arrests the further decomposition of the trash until it is finally collected. This concept is being promoted to address the stench emitted by decomposed food in a garbage bin.


The garbage cooler has been designed to provide solutions to the problems of bacterial contamination and foul odours associated with food waste. The product is hazard analysis and critical control points- (HACCP) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India- (FSSAI) certified and conforms to public health requirements set forth in India.


Elanpro garbage cooler reduces the degradation of organic waste and bacterial multiplication, whilst the sealing lids effectively avoid the contamination of the surrounding work areas. It is environmentally-friendly, as it has a composition free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The 40mm thick rigid polyurethane foam core provides highly effective insulation.


The product’s functionality and design are indicators that it is ideal for restaurants, commercial kitchens and shops which prepare and/or sell perishable food items.

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