Arjuna ready to meet the demand of Amaranthus extract OxyStorm

Amaranthus extract

Arjuna Natural Ltd offered OxyStorm, a sustainable, nitrate-enriched; all-natural Amaranthus extract supply to boost nitric oxide levels.

This guaranteed the implementation of a sustainable approach to meet the growing demand for the nitric oxide booster, in the United States and Europe.

This natural source of nitrates is sugar-free and can be applied to a wide range of applications and standardised high nitrate content of nine per cent.

Nitric oxide deficiency leads to many diseases. It plays key role in cardiovascular health.

Developing new methods to restore and replete bioactive nitric oxide is extremely important, especially for cardio-protection and support in persons who are active.

To create its high-nitrate OxyStorm, Arjuna devoted large tracts of land in South India solely to amaranthus cultivation.

Harvesting amaranth requires precise agriculture proficiency and care.

The company’s established association with local farmers, in turn, supports the community and secures its income.

The nutraceutical compounds are kept intact through every segment of the patent-pending manufacturing and purification process.

All processing is performed at Arjuna’s dedicated facility, under complete supervision by Arjuna’s quality control department, and powered exclusively by eco-friendly solar energy.

Arjuna Natural LLC, was recently established in Dallas, Texas, to better serve the company’s North American customers.

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